Are you happy making a living?

I was having a discussion with a friend last night on the topic above. He was not pleased that he had to do the work he did. He likes writing but he wasn’t happy with the fact that he was having to write for a living.

I told him that my philosophy was simple: You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.

He replied, “Which works if you’re willing to be poor and let others feed you.” I asked him to challenge that belief, to which he said no.

Do you believe that you have to make a living? and if you didn’t you would remain poor?

Here is another question for you. What is a belief?

Belief is an opinion that you have accepted as truth. But do you ever stop and ask yourself if it really is the truth?

I challenge you to do so. Is the statement “We all have to make a living” a truth or an opinion?

Now don’t get me wrong. Sure we need money to live a comfortable life and more money to live a luxurious life and even more to live a life of opulence. I am all for luxury and opulence. But does that mean you have to do something you don’t want to do?

My point is this; don’t just make a living, live a fulfilling life.

People who say they have to make a living would tell you that they have to do that so they can have the things they want in life, but they very seldom have more than bare necessities like paying the mortgage and utilities and putting the food on the table. When you’re focused on making a living, very seldom, if ever will you have time or money to live a life. I know this, because I’ve been there, and I’ve done that.

But, when I decided to stop making a living and start living a life of fulfillment, I started making more money while working less hours and improved my standard of living.

Sure it was a challenge in the beginning to stay focused on the new way of thinking, but today, a little over a year later, I am in a better place and my relations with my wife and children are better than they have been in years.

So what I am saying is this…

If you’re not happy doing what you do, why do it? After all, isn’t happiness the goal?


3 Responses

  1. Hi Rasheed,

    Actually, you’ve mixed two conversations together here, but that’s okay, as now I have more room and time to explain at least my side of it. By the way, it was the other guy, whom I won’t mention unless he comes here, who said he didn’t want to have to write for a living anymore, as I’ve just started it.

    My first point is that I do agree that everyone has the right to make the choice to do whatever they want to do in life. One has to try to find what it is they’d like to do, something more people never think about.

    My second point is that I love writing in general, and this new career might turn out to be just what I need as far as a potential career change. I chose this; rather, it chose me, because it’s something I do well. Now, is it the kind of writing I want to do long term? That part I’m not sure about, but one tries out new things, and if they’re not quite happy with it then they change the parameters of the thing.

    So, I’m actually happy right now. It’s not perfect, but it’s not bad either. Still, as the other guy said, kind of at the same time I did, we all still have to make a living, and I’m starting to make that living again. We’ll see what it looks like in six months.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Mitch.

    Sometimes, we get hung up on words and don’t always get the meaning behind it.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying you career change. As long as you’re happy, more power to you.

  3. Hi Rasheed

    Great thoughts, I am glad that you have finally seen what happens when you start taking control and letting your happiness be your guide.

    Wherever HAPPINESS goes, SUCCESS and WEALTH will follow.

    Catch you on twitter

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